Chief Peace is a hip-hop artist and painter, most known for his single “Hippy Kid” made popular by a viral video from Shaquille O’Neal. Peace has also hosted a weekly hip-hop event in OKC and has shared the stage with acts such as Lil’ Wayne, Migos, Ludacris, The Game, and more. Visit www.ChiefPeace.com for his music and tour dates.


Show Notes:

Rebranding: 0:01:20

Suicide: 0:05:09

Creating Opportunity: 0:11:30

Turning a Wave Into a Flood: 0:26:14

Why Working With Friends is a Bad Idea: 0:29:52

Cultural Appropriation: 0:36:14

Anger Management & Music Therapy: 0:47:21

Growth in Struggle: 0:55:24

Advice to Inspiring Musicians: 1:06:30