Beau Baker (Turbeau) is a Plaza District based graphic designer and illustrator whose cute and cuddly takes on explicit themes in the form of his designs or “doodles” has landed him work for Drake, Mickey Factz, Lil’ Debbie, and more. He created our logo, too. ;) He also has a booth inside of Bad Granny’s called “Atomic Patio” where he sells a variety of goods. Be sure to follow him on Instagram: @Turbeau


Show Notes:

"Doodles": 0:04:59

Growing Up with Art: 0:11:01

Perfectionism: 0:17:02

Should You Go to College for Graphic Design? 0:22:30

Working with a Design Firm vs. Freelance: 0:38:22

Turbeau's Design Process: 0:46:22

Working with Lil' Debbie: 0:51:53

Working with Mickey Factz: 0:59:10

Losing the UglyGod Artwork Competition: 1:02:20

Working with Drake: 1:04:35

Advice for Aspiring Graphic Designers: 1:23:44