Matt Vaughan is the owner / operator of The Boxcar,  a gourmet coffee café located in Moore. Matt has also impacted lives as a teacher at Southmoore Highschool and was formerly the official emcee for the OKC Thunder. Visit www.theboxcarok.com to learn more. 


Show Notes:


Working for the OKC Thunder: 0:04:20

Starting a DJ Business: 0:09:12

Knowing When to Quit: 0:13:14

Work/Life Balance: 0:24:39

Teaching High School: 0:34:45

Launching a Business with a Loan: 0:46:46

Getting into Coffee: 0:54:39

The Story Behind the Boxcar Name: 1:09:46

The Power of Branding: 1:12:07

Start with "Why?": 1:15:48

Random Acts of Coffee: 1:19:41

Word of Advice to Entrepreneurs: 1:27:09