PJ Prince is the owner / operator of Parks Bar & Grill, an American restaurant located in the historic Deep Deuce district. PJ opened the business to honor his parents, who went on their first date together in the same Deep Deuce location over 55 years ago. 


Show Notes:


Is College Necessary?: 0:01:10

Growing Up With Racism: 0:02:30 

The Power of Mentoring: 0:12:47

Freedom Through Entrepreneurship: 0:19:45

Chicken Wings: 0:23:06

Overcoming Rip-Offs & Setbacks: 0:27:26

Why Hating is Wasted Energy: 0:37:39

Personal Freedom: 0:44:09

Can Anyone Be a Business Owner?: 0:52:30

Launching Parks Bar & Grill: 1:00:01

Advice to Inspiring Entrepreneurs 1:15:00