Daniel Mercer is the current operator and a co-founder of COOP Ale Works, the largest craft microbrewery in the state of Oklahoma. In addition to brewing beer, Daniel has a background in venture capital, corporate finance, consulting, and served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. To find out more about his beer, please visit www.coopaleworks.com


Show Notes:


Changing Your Career Path in College: 0:04:10

Working in Venture Capitalism: 0:07:42

Working in Business Development: 0:10:56

Pursuing a Career in the Air Force: 0:12:28

Getting Introduced to the World of Beer: 0:30:46

Launching COOP Ale Works: 0:35:55

The Beer Bottle Dictator 0:49:13 

Behind the Beer Labels: Meet the Artists 53:31 

The Black Market of Beer: 0:56:55

The Expansion of COOP: 0:58:44

COOP's Company Culture: 1:06:56

COOP's Philanthropy: 1:18:52 

How to Avoid Burnout: 1:32:50

Advice to Entrepreneurs:  1:48:50


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