Justin Lawrence is the owner and operator of Oklahoma Shirt Company, one of the largest t-shirt manufacturers in the state known for its Oklahoma-themed Shirt of the Month subscription. Amy Wopsle has the amazing title of Customer Evangelist for the huge and vibrant community she has fostered around the brand and product. For more info visit www.oklahomashirtcompany.com/

Show Notes:

Growing Up: 0:02:??

Should You Go to College for Graphic Design? 0:13:46

How to Manage a Team & Operate a Business Remotely: 0:21:08

Creating 90-Day Goals for Your Business: 0:27:10

Favorite Team Building Apps & Tools: 0:29:45

Changing Career Paths in College: 0:31:59

Shirt of the Month: 0:41:10

Customer Evangelism: 0:45:45 

Growing Your Social Media Following: 0:55:55

Meet the Designers 1:11:33

Hiring Practices: 1:16:40

Advice to Entrepreneurs: 1:26:09