Andre LaMont is a web developer and a founder of Muve Media, a company that provides web media building and content marketing engineering services. Andre is also the Developer Circle Lead at Develop Circles from Facebook. To find out more, follow Andre on Twitter at @AndreLaMont.


Show Notes:

Beginnings of Andre’s Career: 0:00:55

Becoming a Developer: 0:03:30

Learning Developing through Udacity and Other Online Tools: 0:08:25

Facebook Start and Facebook Development: 0:16:37

Alexa Skills: 0:19:50

Attention is Currency: 0:21:35

Oklahoma City Entrepreneurial Resources: 0:24:00

Facebook Developer Groups: 0:27:20

36 Degrees North in Tulsa: 0:28:50

Startup Weekend at Star Space in OKC: 0:31:33

Settling Down to Learn Developing: 0:33:39

Learning Through Mistakes: 0:35:03

Getting Paid on Value Vs Time: 0:45:55

Dream Development Job: 0:51:35

Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence: 0:58:03

Future Global Currency: 1:00:40

Upcoming Projects for Andre: 1:07:30

Going to College: 1:22:50

Meeting His Wife: 1:24:55

Family Life and Relationship with God: 1:28:48

Man’s Search for Meaning: 1:33:47

Move Fast and Break Things: 1:37:45

What Andre’s Been Reading and Watching: 1:40:00

Recent Apple iOS Bugs: 1:47:16

Parting Advice: 1:50:05