Miillie Mesh is a hip-hop artist and rapper. She was recently awarded Female Artist of the Year from The Tishay Awards and has shared the stage acts such as Rakim, Mickey Factz, & Lil' Debbie. To find out more, follow her on Twitter: @MiillieMesh


Show Notes:

Being a Female Rapper in a Male Dominated Field: 1:38

Love is the Energy ( Overcoming Depression ): 8:18

Branding Yourself: 13:55

What Kind of Rap Miillie Listens To: 18:23

Lil’ Peep’s Dying ( Fighting Depression ): 21:12

Born & Raised: 27:10

Best Parts of 2017 for Miillie: 41:20

Vices of Choice and How to Kick Them: 48:25

What Was This Summer Like?: 59:20

Being a Person of Color and a Female: 1:04:30

Astral Projection: 1:20:10

Zodiac Signs: 1:27:10

Support Local Talent: 1:32:30

Sip of Whiskey & Six Mickey’s: 1:38:17

Advice to Oklahoma City Rappers: 1:42:45