Nada Chance is a discjockey and owner of Holy Thrift. As a DJ, she has shared the stage with major acts such as 21 Savage, Lil' Uzi Vert, Migos, and Young Thug. She also holds down a weekly DJ residency at Greystone Lounge in Bricktown every Thursday night. Nada is also the founder of Holy Thrift, a vintage e-commerce store. To find out more, visit www.holy-thrift.myshopify.com


Show Notes:

What Nada’s About: 3:28

Being Born in Egypt and Growing up in the US: 6:28

Living and Going to College in Knoxville, Tennessee: 11:05

Studying and Learning Psychology: 13:59

Working in Social Media and Digital Marketing: 23:50

Starting Her Business “Holy Thrift” @HolyThrift : 29:45

Being a New DJ in Oklahoma: 31:35

How Nada got on in Oklahoma: 32:54

How Nada Learned to DJ: 39:35

Considering Producing: 44:18

How Travis got on his Shows: 47:25

Explaining being a DJ to your Parents: 52:25

Dealing with Self-Doubt: 57:14

Experiences being a Female DJ: 1:03:17

Residency at The Graystone: 1:10:37

Podcasting: 1:16:59

Holy Thrift Pop-Up Shows: 1:27:15

Holy Thrift Giveaway: 1:30:57

Wrapping Up Advice: 1:33:44