Joshua & Caleb Tullis are musicians and entrepreneurial brothers. Joshua is a curator of The Art of Rap showcase held every Monday at The Hubbly Bubbly, the manager and booking agent of The Venue OKC located in the Plaza District, and DJs throughout the city as Triple8. Caleb owns Relty Renovations, a construction company and DJs as CdroBeats. Follow them on IG at: @triple8okc & @Cdrobeats.


Show Notes:

Living in China for the better part of 8 years: 2:03

Music Scene in China: 7:56

Asian Cuisine: 10:09

Dangers of Cat Shit: 13:39

Learning to DJ in China: 15:56

Hassles of Traveling Abroad: 18:49

Caleb’s Background with Music: 23:10

How to Avoid Burnout: 24:50

Diversifying and Avoiding Being Labeled as a Specific Kind of DJ: 26:56

Favorite Producers: 32:23

Soundcloud Rap and Streaming Services: 35:48

Suicide Boys and Shadow Rap: 39:38

Whats on Caleb’s Playlist: 40:25

Another Key to Not Burning Out and Producing as a DJ: 41:29

Advice on Time Spent in College and Continued Learning: 46:35

Caleb’s Experience Playing in Bands: 47:54

Doing Corporate Events, Clubs, Shows and Throwing Events: 50:40

Dealing with Artists Wanting Their Songs Played and How to Go About it: 

How to Get an Interview with #InsideThe405: 1:05:58

Advice for Local Djs Who Want to get Booked: 1:09:49

Throwing Events at the Venue OKC: 1:19:48

Suicide Boys Show After Party: 1:29:38

TripleEight Producing an Album for 2018: 1:32:10

What Caleb’s up to Next Year: 1:34:46

Parting Advice From Caleb: 1:41:54

Parting Advice From Josh: 1:48:20

Where People Can Find Josh and Caleb: 1:56:10