Bryan Sekine is a sushi chef, entrepreneur, and activist. He is the creator of Secrets of Sushi, an immensely popular blog and YouTube channel. Bryan also teaches private and group sushi lessons. In addition to being a sushi chef and instructor, Bryan is also an advocate of sustainable sushi. To find out more, please visit www.secretsofsushi.com


Show Notes:

Who Bryan Is: 1:33

Travis Traps (Trap Sensi): 2:08

What is Sustainable Sushi?: 3:25

Where Bryan is From?: 13:50

Chef’s Table: 15:58

Difference Between Eastern and Western Sushi: 17:10

Influences in Sushi: 21:00

What’s the Best Way to Make Sushi: 24:21

Sign-up for the Secrets of Sushi Mailing List and Receive a Free E-Book with Tips and Tricks and how to Make the Best Sushi: 26:23

Graphic Design and Video Game Background: 26:55

Retro Gaming: 30:43

Bryan Growing Up: 33:00

Getting a Job by Asking to the Place You Want to Work: 38:31

Following Your Passion: 39:56

What Kind of Music Bryan is Into: 45:05

Being From a Family of Musicians: 50:06

Going to College and Studying IT: 55:04

Starting Secrets of Sushi and Starting a Business: 58:00

Plans for Content:1:22:00

Tips for YouTube Creators: 1:33:18

Bryan’s Plans for the Future: 1:41:32

Parting Advice for Entrepreneurs, Content Creators and Aspiring Sushi Chefs: 1:48:52