Daniel Rockwell is the owner of Pretty Please, a contemporary outdoor social room that serves local food and spirits in the heart of Bricktown, and the owner of Momentum Electric with provides specialized installation and support for all electrical applications. Daniel is also a long-time DJ. To find out more, visit Pretty Please Social room at 104 Flaming Lips Alley in Bricktown and connect with him digitally at @prettypleasesocialroom & @danielrockwell


Show Notes:

Born and Raised OKC: 2:30

Beginning DJ Career with Friends in High School: 5:47

Doing Scene in OKC Now vs. The Past: 14:47

Doing at Underground Raves and Transitioning to Clubs: 26:08

Coming up in the Club Scene: 36:40

Launching Pretty Please Social Room: 50:33

Biggest Challenge Opening Pretty Please: 58:12

Parting Advice: 1:04:14