Mackenzie Fox is an indie musician, vocalist, poet, blogger, and vocal coach. Rachel Lynch is a folk musician and singer/songwriter. Together they just completed a DIY 24 city tour that spanned OK, TX, AZ, NM, and CA. To find out more about them and their music, visit their websites: layersofpink.co & rachellynchmusic.com


Show Notes:

Background of Mackenzie & Rachel?: 0:19

Rachel’s Musical Upbringing: 9:07

Mackenzie Coming from a Musical Family: 11:06

Going on Tour Together: 20:40

How to Plan a Tour and Tour Stories: 29:24

New Projects: 53:35

Live Performance: 58:32

More Tour Stories: 1:03:15

What to do Differently Next Tour: 1:09:11

Parting Advice: 1:22:55