Jim Conway is the current host and curator of the Art of Rap & Heart of Hip-Hop showcases, as well as the founder of Guerrilla Breed music collective and executive director of The Lifelines Initiative, a nonprofit organization that empowers at risk youth through arts and education. He also brought some friends and co-collaborators of the Art of Rap, Huck Wheat (@huckwheat), Jo Square (@jo.square), Original Flow (@orginal_flow), and Fresh (@nothin2much). To keep up with Jim Conway, follow him at @conwizy


Show Notes:

Introducing the Crew: 0:20

Art of Rap & Heart of Hiphop: 5:45

Expanding the Base: 12:02

Building a Community out of Necessity: 16:00

Getting Better Together: 23:25

Get Around People Who are Aspiring to do What you Want to do: 37:40

Experience is Better than Money: 43:25

What Jim Conway @Conwizy has Going on: 49:05

What Jo Square @Jo.Square is up to: 58:45

What Huckwheat @Huckweat is Cooking Up: 1:06:03

What Original Flow @Original_Flow is Working on: 1:13:30

What Fresh @nothin2much is About: 1:34:45

Parting Advice From the Crew: 1:40:52

Love Yourself: 1:41:50

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side: 1:43:40

Laugh, Think, Cry: 1:44:55

Rules to Live By: 1:46:10