Knoble Savage is a hip-hop artist and producer, as well and former drug councilor and therapist. To hear his music and connect with him, follow him on Spotify, Twitter, or Instagram at @knoblesavage

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Show Notes:

Social Media and How Society Uses It: 3:05

Traveling While Growing Up: 16:45

Battling Drug Addiction In High School: 19:14

Learning Through Reading: 32:17

Going to College: 37:24

Focusing On Sobriety and Becoming a Drug Counselor: 44:56

Beginning to Rap: 53:04

Meeting Ron Jeremy: 1:04:32

Collaborating on Projects with Other Artists Including Blev & Jabee: 1:09:10

Learning Through Traumatic Experiences: 1:20:32

#MeToo: 1:25:35

Where to Find Knoble Savage Online and Parting Advice: 1:41:03