Tiffany Hough is owner of Lulia Blanco Boutique.  Tiffany is determined to bring the best vintage dresses and lingerie to the Oklahoma City scene as well as advocating for encouragement and awareness of anxiety and resiliency to the people of Oklahoma. As both entrepreneur and artist Tiffany spends her time running her boutique and also manifesting artistic creations, especially paintings, a passion she picked up at a young age influenced by her father. You can follow Tiffany on Instagram @lilbabyblanco and shop at her boutique in person at 4327 N WEstern Ave in Vada Boutique, or online at Luliablancoboutique.online

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Show Notes:

Open Doors Event In OKC: 0:47

Oklahoma Teacher Walkout: 6:30

Systems To Be Taught In Life: 8:43

Love of Painting and Growing Up: 11:39

Education After High School: 16:42

Building A Boutique From The Ground Up: 23:04

Fighting Through Anxiety: 28:08

Finding a Base: 33:04

It’s All Your Mindset: 38:20

Finding Your Thing: 47:05

Finding God In Nature and Life / Minimalism: 54:26

Lulia Blanco Boutique: 1:05:13

In The Works For 2018: 1:09:13

Just Do You, We Are Warriors: 1:13:26