Kathleen Shea Smith is the Associate Provost for Academic Advising and oversees institutional advising systems to ensure student-centered outcomes at the University of Oklahoma (OU). She has been featured as a TEDx speaker for her presentation on 'The Inner Student'. To connect with Kathleen, email her at kathleensheasmith@ou.edu

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Show Notes:

Common Ground: 1:05

College Dropout Rate: 8:40

Learning To Accommodate: 16:00

Importance Of Good Academic Advising: 25:11

Who Do You Want To Be?: 32:45

Favorite Self-Help Books: 40:57

Advice to Teachers and Mentors: 46:25

Using Systems To Better Life: 50:52

Kathleen’s TEDx Talk: 55:25

What Are You Interested In?: 1:07:34

Balancing Advising vs. Therapy: 1:15:39

Believer In Face To Face: 1:18:52

Find Your Person: 1:23:12