Ghost Data is a musical artist and producer. His tracks have been featured by Spotify on their official 'Micro Therapy' playlist, supported by major EDM act Slushii, and reviewed by DeadMau5. To connect with Ghost Data and listen to his music, visit www.ghostdata.com 


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Show Notes:

Streaming on Twitch: 1:04

Moving Around Growing Up and Landing in Oklahoma: 10:34

Joining the Nation Guard and Going through Basic Training: 17:43

Musical Journey: 23:39

Coming Up with the Idea for Ghost Data: 33:49

Evolution of Technology: 38:33

Decision to Start Producing Music: 45:25

SoundCloud Artists: 53:45

Tools and Resources: 59:36

Recent Projects and Releases: 1:11:06

Artist Integrity: 1:24:16

Make Music Because You Love It: 1:38:03