#001 | Chief Peace - Hippy Kid

Chief Peace is a hip-hop artist and painter, most known for his single “Hippy Kid” made popular by a viral video from Shaquille O’Neal. Peace has also hosted a weekly hip-hop event in OKC and has shared the stage with acts such as Lil’ Wayne, Migos, Ludacris, The Game, and more. Visit www.ChiefPeace.com for his music and tour dates.


Rebranding: 0:01:20
Suicide: 0:05:09
Creating Opportunity: 0:11:30
Turning a Wave Into a Flood: 0:26:14
Why Working With Friends is a Bad Idea: 0:29:52
Cultural Appropriation: 0:36:14
Anger Management & Music Therapy: 0:47:21
Growth in Struggle: 0:55:24
Advice to Inspiring Musicians: 1:06:30